Reopening and Product Availability

Posted by Mark Carder on

On Wednesday September 29, we reopened our store, with Brush Dip, and Color Checkers now available for sale.

We had wanted our 5 color Essential Palette paints to be available by October 1, but it is taking longer than anticipated to produce the full set. We are now targeting mid to late October to relaunch the Essential Palette 5 colors. Foundation Canvas Stain should be back in stock this coming week.

For wood products, over the last month we have been setting up shop at our new larger location and we will begin production in the coming week. Easels and Brush Holders should be available in mid to late October.  The rest of our product line should be fully in stock by December 2021.

Thanks again for your patience and well wishes! If you have any suggestions, requests, or comments, please reach out to

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