About Us

Mark Carder, founder of Geneva Fine Art Supplies

Mark Carder, founder of Geneva Fine Art Supplies, taught himself to paint realism in 1986 and has enjoyed a long painting career since then. He has painted commissioned portraits of two US Presidents and one US Secretary of State, among others. Throughout his career he has continuously sought the most effective and logical means to paint and teach others to paint. You can view his free teaching videos at DrawMixPaint.com and see a small selection of his work at MarkCarder.com

Mark noticed how the traditional leading brands of oil paint had changed over the years and become of lesser and lesser quality. This prompted him to learn how artists' oil paint is created from the ground up and begin to formulate his own. After years of research and experimentation he opened Geneva Fine Art Supplies, where he seeks to share with other artists the highest quality oil paints and artists’ tools available.

We design and craft all of our products from scratch here in Austin, Texas.