50ml Phthalo Blue
$ 32.70

50ml Phthalo Blue

A very pure dark blue, without the purplish undertones found in ultramarine blue. Mix with Geneva Bismuth Yellow and Titanium White to create very intense blue-greens and turquoises. Pigment PB15:4

  • Made with the highest-grade pigment and finest artist-grade linseed oil
  • Ready to use — already has slow-dry medium incorporated into it
  • High pigment load
  • No toxic fumes from driers or solvents
  • Forms a durable long-term paint film
  • Thoroughly tested
  • 100% made by us in our Austin workshop

We add no driers to our Phthalo Blue or to the medium incorporated into it. Therefore, Geneva Phthalo Blue will remain wet on the canvas for about 7 to 10 days at 70°F (21°C) or for about 36 hours at 100°F (38°C).  This allows you to work wet-in-wet at your own pace.


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