Can I use Geneva Artists' Oil Color with other brands of artists' oil paint?
Yes. The Geneva palette was developed to work on its own, but you can use it with other brands too.
Is Geneva Artists' Oil Color water soluble?
No. Our paint is solvent-free and has medium pre-mixed into it, but it should be treated like traditional artists' oil paint.
Can I use a color checker for painting en plein air or for matching colors from a screen (like a computer monitor or a tablet)?
Yes. Click here to watch a video which addresses color-matching en plein air or from a screen.
Can I use a color checker for matching colors in transparent or reflective objects?
Should I use a color checker for matching from printed photos?
No, for color-matching from printed photos, we recommend laminating the photo(s) and checking your colors by applying paint directly to the photograph. For detailed instructions, visit drawmixpaint.com