100ml Geneva Foundation Canvas Stain [U.S./Canada only]
$ 16.00

100ml Geneva Foundation Canvas Stain [U.S./Canada only]

A traditional foundation for oil based paint, ready to use right out of the tube.  Geneva Foundation Canvas Stain is a true neutral color with no shift toward yellow, blue, or red. Made with cold pressed and refined linseed oil.  Forms a very lean paint film when dry, perfect as a foundation layer for all types of artists' oil color.  Dries to a matte finish in 24 hours at room temperature, with excellent tooth for superior paint adhesion.  
Apply to primed canvas or panel (primed with white acrylic or oil based primer). Contains artists' grade odorless mineral spirits, so should only be applied with adequate ventilation.
Forms a durable long-term paint film.
Thoroughly tested.
100% made by us in our Austin workshop.
(Will be available in Europe at the end of the year!)