50ml Burnt Umber
$ 13.20

50ml Burnt Umber


A dark reddish burnt umber — the very best burnt umber for mixing blacks as well as deep, dark oranges and reds. Pigment PBr7

  • Made with the highest-grade pigment and finest artist-grade linseed oil
  • Ready to use — already has slow-dry medium incorporated into it
  • High pigment load
  • No toxic fumes from driers and solvents
  • Forms a durable long-term paint film
  • Thoroughly tested
  • 100% made by us in our Austin workshop

Burnt umber is naturally a very fast-drying pigment — other manufacturers' burnt umbers will typically dry on the canvas in about ten hours. Geneva Burnt Umber, which has our slow-drying medium incorporated into it, will remain wet on the canvas for about 5 to 8 days (depending on paint thickness and ambient room temperature), allowing you to work wet-in-wet at your own pace.

A tube of Geneva Burnt Umber is included in our Essential Palette paint set.

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